Friday, July 13, 2007

New Vrindaban Timeline and History

Palace of Gold
The Palace of Gold soon took on larger dimensions when the devotees sought to construct an Indian style structure, although knowing very little about Indian architecture. Read full article - cut & paste:

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The Hare Krishna Movement tried to implement in the West the age old gurukula system whereby school aged children would live separately from their parents in their own ashrama and attend school. In the 1970’s the first three schools were established in Dallas, New Vrindavan, and Vrindavan, India.For full article go to:

Origins & Growth
In 1968, New Vrindavan was started by two of Prabhupada's early disciples - Kirtanananda Swami and Hayagriva das. They and a handful of devotees settled on 130 acres of land which they procured on a 99 year lease.For full article go to: